About Us

Almost 40 years! Boy Scout Troop 645
was organized and chartered in 1980 by a group of boys and their families living in Irvine, California. In fact, it is now the oldest troop to be continuously meeting in Irvine, according to the Irvine World News. Since 1988, the troop has been chartered and supported by the Newport-Irvine Rotary Club. The first Scoutmaster was Judge Jack Smith. In May 1993, the first three Eagle Scouts were recognized at the troop's first Eagle Court of Honor. Nationwide, only 5% of Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle; Troop 645 is proud to have 92 Eagle Scouts to date (and will celebrate #100 by 2021)

We've had a great history and we're proud of the troop and the many life-long relationships that have been created through Troop 645. Your son is welcome to join our adventuring band and share in our growth and development, and you are welcome to share in the wonderful relations of the Troop 645 Family.

The purpose of Scouting is to develop character in boys as they become men so that they will have successful lives and take responsibility for their families, communities and our nation. Scouting is involved over the critical age period from 11, when boys are mostly children, until 18 when they will leave home to assume their place in the world. Scouting is about values and character.

The troop holds meetings in school year on Monday evenings bi-weekly at the Lakeside Middle School  (3 Lemongrass, Irvine, CA 92604). Court of Honor or Summer time meeting at the Deerfield Community Center (55 Deerwood W, Irvine, CA 92604)

We camp most months (including February in the snow), hike in the spring and backpack in the summer. We plan and implement our own unique Summer Camp experience every other year (2008 Lake Powell houseboating, 2010 Endless Summer road trip along the California coastline...the latest 2018 Cherry Valley@Catalina Island ) and enjoy BSA-sponsored week-long camps during the other years. Our Scouts build igloos and sleep in them, become snowboard enthusiasts, backpack the Sierras from Mammoth to Yosemite, enjoy the best surf in southern California, and learn to respect their environment and appreciate and give back to their community, their nation and their world. Beyond earning merit badges and rank advancements, Scouting skills are always taught in entertaining ways; at Joshua Tree, the Scouts used to lash poles to make forts and had a huge water balloon fight!

The Troop has always enjoyed its many activities and community service projects. During the 1980s, the Troop went to Jamborees in Fiji, New Zealand and the Caribbean. In these early years, the group enjoyed backpacking and camping in places like Philmont Scout Ranch, Buckhorn Angelus Forest and snowshoe hiking in the San Jacinto Wilderness area.  Throughout all its years, it has participated in the local annual District Camporees, now held at the Firestone Scout Reservation in Brea.  More recently, there have been snowboarding trips to Big Bear and Mammoth, snow camping in the San Bernardino Mountains, day hikes to the Bridge to Nowhere, and many weekends camping in the deserts, in the mountains, and at the beach.  In addition to the traditional Boy Scout Summer Camps, there have been summer cross country hikes in the Sierra Mountains; from Mammoth to Yosemite, Kearsarge Pass, Pine Creek and Mount Whitney.  In 2007, the Scouts spent a week on houseboats on Lake Powell in Utah; in 2010, on a trip dubbed "Endless Summer", our Scouts experienced incredible adventures along the California coastline.  Most importantly, the Scouts have participated in numerous community service projects, with Scouts giving individual community service hours throughout the years.  Our proudest moments include the many Eagle Projects that have improved and enhanced the greater community.

Although the focus in on the Scouts and their advancements, the Troop has also welcomed the involvement of families.  Every year, a springtime campout has been a fun and memorable experience for the Scouts and their families.  It has allowed the youngest Scouts to earn their first rank advancements and other family members to participate in a scout activity.  As a family-affirming organization, the parents of the Scouts in Troop 645 have contributed in many ways over the years to make the scouting experience memorable.

There have been a total of eleven Scoutmasters to date.  In addition to Judge Jack Smith, the Scouts have been lead and guided by Jim Chapman, Paul Beames, Robert Yablonski, Stan Nasitka, Lyndon Robinson, Bob Mitchell, Bob MacKinnon, David Aleshire, Mark Sligar, Ron Gastelum, Ken Tudhope, Greg Dunlap and Dave Howard. Our current Scoutmaster, Milind Patil, and Assistant Scoutmasters Matthew Bracken, Tony Chiang, John Dawson, Sharad Gima, James Geroge, Nick Lee, Niraj Parikh and Ella Wu are working together to provide a team-based adult leadership structure for the Scouts and their families.

BSA Troop 645 has been a successful Troop due to the quality leadership and the character of the boys that have joined and participated throughout the last almost 40 years.  In the past 10 years, we had great committee led by Mrs. Nishida... Julie Dunlap, Susan George, and Alvin Kuo. As an organization, Troop 645 has encouraged young men to become responsible adult leaders, with a sense of duty to the community and a commitment to leading a rewarding, meaningful life.  Many more Scouts in the future will follow their paths as the spirit and traditions of Troop 645 live on.

Boy scout activites are volunteering-oriented. Only parents who are willing to volunteer could support this environment more to let scout make mistake, learn and grow. We may call it "Eagle Nest". Troop 645 has families who come from various kinds of background and talents. We work together to make this nest better. It's an everybody's troop. Any contribution silently charges this troop up to the next level. Join us with passion, time and efforts! You will see our scouts are approaching readiness to fly day by day. It's all fantastic experiences and memories beyond expectation.

When our scouts made mistake, we will let them know..."when you find something not in the right way, don't just run away, but find the way."